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Research Team

Members from China

Prof. Fangli Qiao

First Institute of Oceanography
State Oceanic Administration
Qingdao, 266061, China
Email: qiaofl@fio.org.cn


Dr. Guansuo Wang (FIO)
Email: wanggs@fio.org.cn
Operational system

Assoc. Prof. Changshui Xia(FIO)
Email: xiacs@fio.org.cn
Wave-tide-circulation coupled process

Dr. Feng Shan (FIO)
Email: shanf@fio.org.cn
Tide model

Dr. Qi Shu (FIO)
Email: shuqi@fio.org.cn
Circulation model

Dr. Yong Teng (FIO)
Email: mahy@fio.org.cn
Wave model

Dr. Zhen Jia (FIO)
Email: jiaz@fio.org.cn

Dr. Lin Zhou (FIO)
Email: zl@fio.org.cn
Web service

Members from Thailand

Prof. Somkiat Khokiattiwong

Head of Oceanography and Marine Environment Unit
Department of Marine and Coastal Resources
Phuket Marine Biological Center
P.O. Box 60, Phuket 83000, Thailand
Tel/Fax: +66 2 298 2640/2591
E-mail: skhokiattiwong@gmail.com


Dr.Pramot Sojisuporn (Department of Marine Science, Chulalongkrong University),
Email: pramot.s@chula.ac.th

Dr.Patama Singhruck (Department of Marine Science, Chulalongkrong  University ),
Email: patama.s@chula.ac.th

Dr.Suriyan Saramul (Department of Marine Science, Chulalongkrong University),
Email: Suriyan.S@Chula.ac.th

Dr.Anukul Buranapratheprat (Burapha University),
Email: anukul@buu.ac.th

Dr.Nuttida Chanthasiri (PMBC),
Email: plernida@gmail.com

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